Our Culture

Be Accountable

Understanding, knowing, and doing what needs to be done by taking personal responsibility and ownership for things you have control over. Communicating with your team and/or with those impacted by your work. Admitting mistakes and working to correct them.

Extend Trust

Relating to one another by assuming positive intent, giving the benefit of the doubt, and exhibiting a willingness to believe in each other. Participating in the ongoing process of relationship building and having open communication, especially when admitting fault.

Be The Teammate You'd Want To Have

Be respectful, considerate, courteous, and kind in all interactions. Give others the benefit of the doubt, acknowledging best efforts, and considering external circumstances that may contribute to communication gaps.

Straight Talk

Speaking in a very honest, truthful, and tactful manner that encourages 360 transparency - communication shared from the top down, information offered from the bottom up, and peers sharing information freely. Helps set the tone of the seriousness of the work we do as a company.

Have Fun While Doing Passionate Work

Taking time to celebrate wins. Remembering the importance of moments that can promote team bonding and morale. Providing space where coworkers can relax and individuals can feel supported in pursuing their passion for the work they do. Acknowledging that fun is NEEDED in our high intensity and fast paced environment.